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Spousal Maintenance in Colorado.

In Colorado, a judge may order one spouse to pay maintenance to the other during the pendency of the divorce proceedings. The maintenance payments may then be extended long-term or short-term even after the divorce becomes final. Payments are usually monthly or biweekly for a specific number of months depending on the length of the marriage.

Even in cases involving longer marriages, Colorado courts tend to look at alimony as rehabilitative i.e. it is a form of temporary assistance to allow the recipient to find a job or obtain training to improve his or her job prospects. Permanent alimony may be granted only to spouses with very poor employment prospects due to ill health or advanced age.

If a couple’s combined annual gross income is $75,000 dollars or less, Colorado courts employ a formula to determine eligibility for temporary alimony. The formula provides for a monthly payment to the lower earner of 40% of the higher earner’s monthly adjusted gross income minus 50% of the lower earner’s monthly adjusted gross income. Prior to applying the formula, the court will subtract from each spouse’s income any pre-existing spousal support payments either spouse makes, as well as any child support payments either makes for children outside of the current marriage.

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