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Individuals who lose more than three consecutive days or three shifts of work as the result of a work related injury or disease may be eligible to receive a form of wage replacement beginning on the fourth day of work loss.  This benefit is called temporary disability.   Once started, temporary benefits must be paid every two weeks until terminated in accordance with the law.  There are two types of temporary disability benefits:

Temporary total disability
is a benefit that is available when an individual has been off work for more than three days or three shifts as the result of the injury.  The benefit rate is based on two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly wage at the time of injury up to a maximum established by law.  The initial three days of work loss are not payable as compensation unless the injured worker is off for more than two weeks.

Temporary partial disability is a benefit that is available for partial wage loss when an individual has returned to work at less than full wages.  Benefits are calculated at two-thirds of the difference between the worker’s average weekly wage at the time of injury and his/her current earnings.

At Colorado Law Group, our attorneys have the requisite experience, knowledge and skills to confront insurance companies and their strategies in denying workers' compensation claims. Our team will assist you during the claims process and ensure that you are compensated at the proper weekly rate. So please do not wait to contact us. There are strict deadlines and procedures that must be followed in order to receive workers' compensation benefits.

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Temporary Disability