Cases Involving Minor Children.

In cases with minor children, the court must conduct a hearing on permanent orders that would include determination of child custody and child support.

Child support is based on the amount of money that the child would have had access to if the spouses remained together. So if one spouse has always been the 'breadwinner' over the length of the marriage, then he or she will be responsible for a child support payment that is higher than that of the other spouse. The determination is made largely using the Colorado Child Support Calculation Worksheet.

Certain adjustments for payments that either spouse makes for child care, medical insurance, and school related expenses could be factored in to reduce that spouse's child support obligation.

In certain cases where the monthly child support obligation of either spouse is fairly small, the court may not award child support. However, the issue of child support is always considered from the stand point of the best interest of the child. Therefore, child support can be ordered even in small amounts if the court deems it necessary.

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