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Required Documentation

After scheduling your free initial consultation, you would need to bring the following items to your consultation

  • Paycheck stubs for the past 6 months
  • Latest filed state and federal tax returns
  • Most recent bank statement
  • Legal paperwork you have received (garnishment writs, summons, foreclosure notice, etc.)
  • Completed credit counseling  through accredited counseling agency.

Eligibility Requirements

Unlike other forms of relief that are available to all, bankruptcy protection is limited only to debtors who meet the following requirements:

  • You must not have received Chapter 7 discharge within the past 8 years
  • You must not have received Chapter 13 discharge in the past 4 years
  • You must have not filed for bankruptcy within the past 180 days (some exceptions apply)
  • Your 6-month annualized income must not exceed the average median income for your size of household in your state
Is Chapter 7 Right for You?

It is not unusual to fear the bankruptcy process - it is a common misconception that bankruptcy damages credit permanently. However, filing for bankruptcy has the opposite effect in most cases. Colorado Law Group has completed thousands of bankruptcy cases for clients whose credit scores increased as a result of their bankruptcy. In fact, bankruptcy will improve your income-to-debt ratio and eliminate past derogatory reporting on your credit report.

Chapter 7 Process