Quality Service

In this age of hectic schedules and piling responsibilities, clients expect to receive quality services at all times. Colorado Law Group guarantees that your calls and emails will be answered by an informed attorney or staff member each time. Furthermore, Colorado Law Group has developed internal procedures to ensure that your case receives uninterrupted attention from the time you retain Colorado Law Group until the date of your final bankruptcy discharge.


No matter how simple, each bankruptcy case involves some unique circumstances that require the attention of experienced attorney and staff to ensure that no assets are lost in the bankruptcy process. At Colorado Law Group, attorneys and staff possess the skills and experience to address these special circumstances ahead of time and avoid unpleasant surprises after filing.

Our Strengths


In many cases, bankruptcy protection must be secured immediately to avoid an impending lawsuit, garnishment, or foreclosure. Colorado Law Group has the legal expertise and manpower to file your case without unnecessary delays or holdups.


Most bankruptcies are caused by significant and prolonged loss of income. In turn, the affordability of legal fees in bankruptcy is key. Colorado Law Group offers competitive rates while still providing the quality of representation necessary for success in bankruptcy.

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